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Sunday, October 01, 2006

still lofty?

Oh dear blog! I have been neglecting you! School has been so hectic that I havent been online recently... well until now because I have so much free time due to Milenyo. (For the foreigners out there, Milenyo was the storm that hit the Philippines last wednesday). Thanks for leaving stuff sa tagboard! That shall be my comment place muna. I need blogging help by the way!

So much has happened and I dont even have the time to blog about it!


Blog...uhm someday...I'm so effin lazy right now...huhu...and my hands smell like dishwashing soap.


;9:28 PM

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

God IS for us.

If God is for us, who can be against us?

Thats what I've been constantly reminding myself these past two days. Have you ever felt that the whole world is against you? Or at least the rulers of the world, that can do whatever they want, make your last months living hell, take away everything you've worked for and punish you against your will? (Wait I shouldnt be scared because God is way greater than any ruler of the world...)

I have that feeling.

But then again, If God is for us, who can be against us?

I already forgave them, and whatever will come my way, I guess I just have to embrace it. God is doing this for a reason. And if they really are TRUE Christians, they'll realize the grave mistake mistakes that they have done.

Guys, you know who you are...WERE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER =) they may break us apart physically, but inside us, is something no one can ever ruin or take away. Remember our promise that faithful night on the rooftop of all rooftops? Who are they to tell us what a real friend is when we truly know in our hearts what a REAL friend would do. Who are they to mock us?

I repeat, If God is for us, who can be against us?

I admit. We were wrong in some areas. And YES, we already asked for forgiveness. But it seems that sorry isn't enough for them. Lets just continue to pray for them.

If this continues forever. Lets just all hurry up and get away from that place a.s.a.p

My dad wants war...HAHAHA

To the ones I cherish =) remember!

I'm pressed but not crushed persecuted not abandoned
Struck down but not destroyed
I'm blessed beyond the curse for his promise will endure
And his joy's gonna be my strength

Though the sorrow may last for the night
His joy comes with the morning

its our song... woot?

;7:33 PM

Sunday, August 20, 2006

woot =)

i changed the template of my blog for A LOT of folks have complained. It wasnt viewer friendly =P haha! i just used a pre-made one since i SERIOUSLY dont have time to actually learn the codes and create a layout for i have been uber busy these days. haaayy...


SOOOO much has happened since last week! there hasnt been a free weekend for me...I want to make kwento all the happy happenings in my life =)

But...Im so sleepy right now (2:35 am), just got home from ate kars debut..Maybe later =) by the way...


i'll be blogging later =)

Grander than the day before it...


P.S. Loving life! And I'm not missing you! hahahaha!! =)

;2:23 AM

Monday, July 31, 2006


Its been so weird the past few weeks of school, I have suddenly degraded myself and have started to become laaazzzyyyy...like I know I AM lazy, but not as lazy as I am now! Like, I used to finish my homework before 11 pm and have a good, snuggly, sleep, and like wake up at around 5:00 am and manage to dry my hair with the use of the fan before 6:30...but now, I do my homework at, I dunno 12? or sleep first when I get home and wake up at 2 am to do my homework...rah! something is wrong with me! BUT, the brightside is, I think I've grown a few inches =) woot!

anyways, today at school, I FINALLY took my physics test! woot! but then, I dont think I will be getting a hundred... but nevertheless! WOOT! haha =) we also had the "annual" picking of partners for the Linggo ng Wika, which is held every year, and all batches dance to some traditional Filipino song. So there, we had to line up according to height to determine who our beloved partners shall be. BUT, this year, there is a twist! Since we're Seniors already, the boys get to pick who they want to be partners with *gulp* well, that really didn't happen because the boys weren't man enough, so Ms. Nesa (our lovely supervisor) picked for them. The obvious obviously happens, Ms. Nesa pairs up the pairs in our class (rah! bad for me!)

here's a conversation I had with someone (while they were calling out the pairs):

Someone: "I was thinking, sino kaya yung i-pepair kay Rick sating dalawa, I think ikaw"

Me: "Ngek...no way ikaw na lang"

Then after that Ms. Nesa called out...

"Gela and Rick"

(P.S. I have changed the guy's name to Rick for private purposes =P)

I didnt know what to react or think, I just walked to the "already paired up" zone quietly. We dont want Rick to get MORE sick and tired of being teased to me wouldn't we?

But in the turn of events, and possibly the truth that we are so not meant to be, Rick and I were "de-partnered" LOL =P what happend was, after everyone was partnered, one girl and one guy were left, the teachers didn't want them to be partners because she was taller than he, and she was only compatible to Rick's height so now I am partner with someone else. Woot? I honestly felt a mix of emotions. Sad and happy. Sad because this could've been my chance to be friends with him again, and I just lost it. And happy because I'd be doing him a favor and he'd get his wish of him not being teased to me.

Rah. I got a lot of homework and I haven't even started.

By the way, if you have been wondering 'bout the title of this entry, I got it from beloved Karissa =) haha! We were bonding kasi and she kept on saying "Fake!" haha =) I just love that girl! =) Always looking out for me. =)

Anyhoo. Gotta jet. Physics awaits me. AGAIN. T_T

;8:29 PM

Sunday, July 23, 2006


OWKAY. If you have been making "subaybay" to my blog, I've been making kwento about how Im supposed to sing with the guy I used to like, WELL fine, I still like, but after last friday. . . I dont think I could anymore. . .

Last friday started out as any ordinary school day, lalala, eat breakfast, accidentally sleep for 30 more minutes again and find myself preparing for school at 6:30, etc. Went to school, had our assembly, Ms. Bau's devotions, the ever exciting PACE work. . .while I was excitingly working with my PACEs though, I started sneezing and coughing and all, and I felt really, really, really sick. . .sooo the whole day, I just stared at my PACEs and/or drew on them with metallic pens. . .hehe. . .I also did my nails (with metallic pens) and my seatmate's nails! (trishaa!) ANYWAYS I'm so not getting to the point here. . .

So yeah, today was also the day that (humm lets call him = Rick. HAHAHA) I would know if Rick was a total jerk or not a jerk by what he was going to answer to this question:

"Could you sing with Gela at my debut?"

You know, that kept me awake the whole day, I dunno, something inside me somehow THOUGHT that he was not a jerk anymore and would actually step up and prove himself worthy. . .too bad, I should've not hoped for anything because he still is and always will be (??) a jerk. (WAIT! No! He wont be a jerk forever. . .he'll soon realize the error of his ways =P)

Rick's answer was: "No, Im scared to be teased."

Them: "Why are you scared to be teased??"

R: "Because I'm so sick and tired of being teased to her, eh wala na nga akong gusto sakanya."

He could've just said no, he HAD to say he was sick of being teased to me. SORRY DUDE. I didnt ask people to tease you to me. Gosh, he seriously changed. . .A LOT. Did some evil person take over him or something?? Hahaha! Kidding! I guess God wants me to FINALLY see that Rick isnt worth it, even after all the smiles.

Last friday, was a really bad day. . .WAIT! Except for the part where our school's "cafeteria" ran out of food so we had sinagag express for lunch! SO HEAVENLY especially for 45 bucks!

So now, I better get started. I have to make my vocals sound as good as Nina's! =)


;1:16 PM

Monday, July 17, 2006

breaking free.

"you know the world can see us...in a way thats different than who we are"

okay, that highschool musical song is so stuck in my head right now since, SANA, HOPEFULLY, KELANGAN, MUST, I might sing it if someone just forgets about the past and be friends with me again!

if not, then I have to face the perils of performing alone. maybe sing Nina's happy birthday song -_-

please sing with me.

school was fun today =) had a few laughs...well A LOT of laughs! I looove my friends =) There isnt a day that we do not laugh 'till our eyes are filled with tears..of joy that is...hahaha! I miss rainer though! And his accent..haha! he's coming home today from HK =) PASALUBONG!haha!

this week will be busy. first! I have to somehow get our arts group to finish the bulletin board, which we haven't even started on yet. -_- am I the only one concerned? next, I have to memorize this freakin 2 page elocution piece before thursday *tear* because sadly, our elocution finals will be held next wednesday already -_- WHYYYY!! they announce it a week before? meanies. And did I mention I have to take my physics this week? Which I haven't even started yet...rawr...

BUT. despite of all this...I know God is with me =) so, that makes me feel a LOT better! no worries man! haha =)


check out the "me" page, I added a LOT of new fanlistings (wuhoo!) and a must do list.



;8:45 PM

Sunday, July 16, 2006

New Blog. New Life?

Here I go AGAIN. This is the 4th time I have tried to change my blog.
Dont want to go into the details. -_-

SOOO...how are you liking it so far? Yea I know, it is hard to scroll up and down, prove yourself worthy and find the invisible scrollbar =)

Its 11:30 am and I haven't done my "finish the PACE" homework.phooey.

Its almost Angelie's debut! =) And I've been chosen to sing! Rawr. I made the invites =)
Here it is! Its supposed to be Arabian/Boho-ish, she told me what she wanted (colors/etc.) and this is what I came up with:

anyhoo! Better get started with my 30 page homework =( I'll be blogging everday now. Well, maybe when Im not busy or when my homework allows me to.


Gelabean =)

;11:54 PM


Hey there people who actually read my blog! LOL =) You wanna know whats up with me? Read on dude!


Name: Angela Bianca M.
Age: 16-ish
Status: WOOT!
*Im sorta lazy right now..hehe*
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